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Weekly Lottery [NWE]

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Hello everyone,

I have this weekly Lotto mod that I made a while back but pulled it off the market because it was buggy. I made some updates to it and it "seems" to be working fine but I want to see if some of you would mind testing it out for me before I submit it.

As the title says its a weekly lottery where players can buy either up to a set amount of tickets that you decide or an unlimited amount of tickets and is configurable with a config key, 0 for infinite, # for the max. So some of the features include which is all done with config keys are

  • The date it runs: Sunday through Saturday
  • % of each ticket that goes into the weekly jackpot
  • The default start jackpot for each week
  • How many tickets a user can buy unless set to 0 then its unlimited
  • The ticket price

Also when a user is picked as the winner it sends a chat line (if enabled) of the winner and the amount and also a message letting them know they one.

So if you can please try it out and let me know if it works and ill upload it to the market. Thanks a million


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Thanks for sharing Kyle!

Thank you Alain. This was my first mod I created but before submission originally I guess I changed somethings around and ruined the cron and for the life of me couldn't figure out how or why it stopped working. But a special shout out to illusions for helping me on this for the second time to fix the cron. The only difference between this and the one I uploaded originally is that for one, as far as my testing goes it works so I'm looking for a couple extra people to see for themselves, and second, I cleaned up the config keys and made them more appealing on the eyes

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I just submitted this module for an update.

What I did was basically make it work ;)


  1. Minor Bug fixes

    1. A problem with purchasing the exact limit of tickets, it was off by 1 purchase. i.e: Max tickets was 20 you were only able to buy 19.
    2. Fixed a couple of variables


[*]Upgraded the config to the newest standard

[*]Optimized the cron and removed the "ORDER BY rand()"


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