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Selling game on SaaS basis


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Because it's still a running mccodes game I would assume you would need a license per site (Would be helpful if CB or dabs actually responded...) , and because of the sites being completely under your control still you would need something in place to protect the client (make sure you don't take the game back if it actually starts earning) and of course yourself from any problems in the future. Seems like a lot of work for this kind of service.

In my opinion, if your lucky, 1/100 people that contact you for this service will be series about it and will stay past the first month.

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i remember a thread a while back CB replied to about multiple server games like server1.example.com & server2.example.com and he stated that you would need 2 different licences as it uses more than one database as he worded it each licence covers you for 1 live database so i would say after that yes you would need a licence for each client but obviously if you mail McCodes support maybe they will offer you a bulk order discount or something

here is the post CB made.



also if you cant afford that route then get V1 as it is now free and convert your mods etc into V1

also isnt mafiacreator alot like what your offering.

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@ Dominion

Now another thing. You said that 1 of 100 would probably subscribe which I think is unrealistic number :) I think out of 100 there would be way more subscribers. On the other hand how many people walk in a store just to "window shop"? How many people un-subscribe from WoW on daily basis? A lot. And that is natural you can’t expect every single customer to buy something. Same applies to my "business" model. You cant expect everyone to be interested and subscribe for years but if at least few people are in that’s a win from my point of view :)

The bottom line is that profit margins are very low anyways and I don’t do this for money but rather because I love coding  Thank for opinion though.

Since I've never actually run such a service using Mccodes the numbers where pulled out the air, however it was to put across my opinion; I don't see that many people wanting to seriously run a game using an engine you can readily buy without access to the source code. You would have a much better service if it used something unique, and offers something clients could not gain elsewhere as a already built system.

I would say if your offering such a service it would make more sense to offer yourself as a manger for the "server side" parts rather then renting the entire game out. This means you set up the same kind of service you're talking about, do the same tasks, however you don't own the site they do. Well you could offer both services I see it as a much more marketable idea since the client still owns the actual game, and as such has control over the majority of the site. If they want to move servers at any time they could do so.

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