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Tpcodes(my apologe to mccodes) and ravan scam


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hello everyone including mccodes, and staff

this is in relation to tpcodes,ravan,mccodes problem

i just wanted to apologise for the way i acted towards you guys and that stupid tpcodes engine please you need to hear me out i dont want to get in trouble ok.

so i wanted to make a game and i was going to buy mccodes but it was expensive so i searched around and i found a script called ravan(not knowing it was mccdoes honestly) so i bought it i even talked to the guy who owned it he said i know have a licence and that was the end of it so i then modded the engine to my to the way i wanted it and called the game tpcodes this is where the name came from so since i had a licence (ravan) i never new it was mccodes so i wanted to sell it as a modded game not as a game engine like mccodes because i had not made the script so i tried to sell it but kylemasscare was the only one to buy then he did not like it and i issed him a refund (very sorry) i then mailed ravan for my money back as they sold me mccodes but it was to late i got scammed a few days later a guy mailed me about his game he said he wanted me to help him fix errors and change the background for him so i did i said i would do it for 5 dollars so after the job he said he didnt have the money so he said he would trade me some mods so i received 30 mccodes paid mods so i said ok , which i showd you a screen shot which i did not sell or use i want to return them to the rightful owner as i do not need/i did not pay for these mods i apologize to you, dave, cronus etc as you could see in the screenshot the ajax channel chat is there so i was unaware that i could not sell the mccodes -ravan script i am really sorry and i dont want to get in trouble really i got scammed by ravan and those mods i wil return to rightful owner i have deleted the tpcodes (ravan script-mccodes) script and i still have the mods i dont know who to send them to that is rightful owner i was just helping someone and i bought ravan which i didint know was mccodes and i did not know i could not sell it im really sorry i swear please give me anothor chance please and show this to everyone its really hard i dont know what i have done i have issued kyle a refund i am really sorry please guys forgive me :(


please just give me a warning i did not mean copyright i have deleted the engine and stopped selling as i only sold one to kyle which i issued him a refund also staff could one of you guys msg me i wanted to send you the list of paid mods file i received for doing work for someone as im not the owner i want to return the delete i have the email of the guy that sent me mods also ravan have scammed me and i want my money back could you help me im very sorry please guys please one more chance

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Mail MCCodes, via their support for support with Ravan related issues.

Deleting the paid mods off of your system is a lot more hassle than 'returning' them. :)

Why you want to mail a staff member the list of paid mods is beyond me, however feel free to mail the list to me, Dominion, A_Bertrand or anyone else on here

As for a 'second chance', well that's up to the community here, whether they'll want to help you, trade with you etc, is beyond our control but as evidence of this thread, you aren't banned so that's your warning.

It's up to the mod owners whether or not to pursue anything else, not MakeWebGames.

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