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PHP Loop with MySQL help


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Ok, so I'm trying to save myself a bit of time, whilst adding a feature into my site.

I have a mysqli_query(); get an array of results ordered in descending order by the visits column.

$r = mysqli_query($c, "SELECT * FROM games ORDER BY visits DESC");
$r2= mysqli_fetch_array($r2);


ok, now I only want the first 5 results and want to be able to place their id into a link like:

<a href='game.php?id={$r2['id']}'>Link</a>

and i only want the first 5, so im thinking i have to loop through them.

Now i dont know how to do this. I'm thinking :

for ( $i = 0; $i <= 5; $i++ )
echo '<a href="game.php?id={$r2[\'id\']}';


now when i do this it only repeats one of them, it doesn't lit through them.

Any ideas?

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