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looking for someone to review my game please


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hi i was wondering if a couple people non biased can review my game, pimp-wars.net

along with the review any suggestions, advice i will gladly take them on board.

Sign up process


Logged in

  • The only thing really there is "Welcome to Pimp-Wars User #586!"
    • Perhaps address the user personally, by their characters name?
    • Show more information, get the user engaged!
      • Latests attacks, maybe


    [*]Nothing to tell what what I should do



  • Very, very high
    • First crime gives me $1,000000
    • First set of shop items are low in cost




  • The usual stats
    • Strength
    • Guard
    • Agility
    • Labor
    • IQ

    [*]Doesn't tell me what each stat is used for, how can a user train tactically?



  • Same boring design.
  • Only 3 slots available
    • Primary weapon
    • Secondary weapon
    • Armor



Explore / City

  • A dump of links
    • No achievement of progression if everything is available at once




  • I never fail a crime...
    • Even if I do, it seems there is no jail time
      • If this is for a set time, inform the user

      [*]I get endless amount of cash

    [*]With doing (maybe) 5 crimes, I'm level 17



  • Easy to bot signup
  • Easy to bot training
    • With a macro
    • With the crystals I get from crimes
    • I have 1k crystals, but it's still 10 to refill energy




  • What do I do in your game?
    • There is no story
    • Do I try and get #1 in hall of fame? Then what...?

    [*]The design is crude, perhaps invest in a new one (IMO)

    [*]Something to engage the players is needed


Sorry if that sounds like I'm flaming you, I didn't intend to, just wanted to give my opinion, like asked.

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i can address my reasoning for some points others i will look into.

there is no failure for crime yet as the game is new and i didnt want people to be put off by been stuck in jail on their first crime, this will be changed as the game is more established,


the economy is fairly high due to properties being high in cost, along with the property add ons it evens itself out.

the leveling is only fast at first this to encourage fast development and give users intrest instantly, leveling slows down about level 100.

i have captcha codes ready to put in for sign up and gym/crimes again im waiting a while for the game to become more established before i install these

the welcome page is new, we plan on adding a to do list for this to help new players understand how to get started.

i will address other issues maybe we can have a rereview in a couple of weeks?

thankyou for taking your time to review the game

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I wouldn't -- it gives the first players a huge advantage if they are botting now and then you block it later so nobody else can achieve what they did

Im sure thats what you are worried about ;)

I hate captchas as they are hindrance but it does stop "botting" maybe keep the captcha system open for registration and invest in some sort of token system and if the token fails then log them out. That way "real" players aren't festered with a captcha every 10 minutes while training or doing crimes for your hardcore players that are legit.

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