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fangs of blood text based game


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Theres a game which Jonathan coded abou two months ago. He then spent the last month adding

Facebook intergration

Battle ladder


Player shops

Item auctions


Easter egg hunts


Its a long list

Ive added



And a few others

We have a playerbase of over 400 members and 50 active throughout the day on avarage

So if you want to check it out. Its 100% free to play


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It took a month for plug and play mods? You seriously cant say that he created any of those. The only thing on there im not sure is easter egg hunts.

"Prowl" is just lucky boxes so that doesnt even count.

Things you need:

New layout, it looks too much like default mc codes

And different modules that people havent seen

A story line to keep players entertained and try to get them to play through it ya know?

You have a lot of work ahead of you but with the right stuff anything is possible

Good luck!

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There are so many things wrong with the game its not funny. Or is it

For a start your using a cooltext.com

Font which sucks. Insucure codes. Loads of stuff

Nuff sed


http://www.overloadgame.com/ (Your thread )

In the credits:

Copyright © 2013 Jonathan Gorard. All rights reserved.

Game Design, Development and Code by Jonathan Gorard.


Who made Fangs of Blood? Jonathan Gorard.



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Are your shoe laces tied because you are trippin'? It is the same Jonathan.

There is something fishy going on with you lightning, why do I get the urge to wanna call you count?

listen it is the same jon, as i played fob for like 3 minutes, overloadgame has no association to "fangs of blood" all i have to say

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im not count, and jon owns the game, i am the community manager, we dont care about money (except making the server costs) and when donations are implimented people dont have to, and im sorry for lying sort of i didnt know he owned it before, he has nothing to do with the game awfulness before, aside from that thanks for the info

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