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Toxic Pits [WIP]


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Toxic Pits into

The ego of humankind has destroyed over 3000 years of progress and the Earth is left a Toxic Pit of suffering and depravity.

Dust clouds block the sunlight and the buildings of the planet are left in ruins.

Lucky to have survived the meltdowns and madness you survey the land.

Reaching down and grabbing a charred plank you hold it up to the muted light of the sun...

HOPE shines briefly as the clouds part.

Rebuilding is out of the question but recreating this place just might work.

With your bare hands you will take the rubble and make it something to be proud of.

Trust in your fellow survivors is key if you are to conquer these Toxic Pits and make a life for yourself...

Some Features

Crafting system: A user can craft weapons,armors, boots and parts. Parts are used for house upgrades.

Rank Up system: Think of this more as levels. you don't get EXP from crimes. to rank up you need to complete/partake in so many crimes and battles (succeed or fail).

Scavenge system: a user can search once every minute. It costs 100 for the first time, 200 the 2nd, 300 3rd and so on.

Gangs[WIP]: Gangs will have a set amount of Respect/honor on creation. To gain more you will need to do gang crimes and gang wars. If your gang respect hits zero you will loose a set amount of points/money in the gang vault. If you gang has no points/money you will be forced to become an outlaw gang. Outlaw gangs need to get to 100 Honor/Respect or the gang will be disbanded.

Random Events: while you are online or offline- your house may get burnt down and you will loose one upgrade on your house. You could be attacked by an NPC - if you win the attack, you gain a set amount of points. Loose and you go to hospital for 30mins.

These are the main features (as of now.)


Some info for the players.

You will never have to vote! EVER! you will get a daily package of 35 points for no donator and 50 points for donators.

Real prizes. At some point during the games life I will be giving out (at random!) anything from Stickers to Gaming consoles.

Support, one of the key things I will be doing is 100% supporting my players. any problem that is brought to my attention will be fixed.


Code info

the game is using the GRPG engine with some reworks all across the board. From item overhaul to a complete new staff panel.

Main features I've added is item type. GRPG didn't support item types. The difference between a weapon and armor was the stats it had.

Added Boots as an equipment item.

Fixed register.php open to script usernames (AKA alert('blah');)

Secured all user inputs (to the best of my knowledge)


Credits and special mentions

MagicTallGuy - Always helps me even with the simple things.

Djkanna - Always there to help alternative ways of implementing something,helping with my broken code.

Sniko - Helped with code examples for crafting system.

Dayo - Chat system.

Publius - GRPG framework.

A couple more that don't want to be mentioned.


The GAME is not live and is still in development.

Even though the game is in development you may still register and have a look around.



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To be honest, I am not sure what much is different about it than other games? One question would be how do you plan on making cash, since I noticed you are going to plan on giving out game consoles and prizes as the game progresses, when you give out 35 points a day? Unless, this is a game just to practice and have fun with, in which in that case, then good luck with your project.

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