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I sent this as a message to alain so please disregard ill post it here:

Is there a way to make it more modular to provide more actions for an after effect like mugging or to make a clan battle? Pretty soon here possibly this weekend I plan on creating some sort of war declarations where clans can go toe to toe but the only problem I have is taking points away from a clan after a combat. If it is already available to add to the combat system what would be the course of action for it?

I am thinking along the lines of kind of what you have for player profiles where you can add buttons to it

I figured this should be something for the community to hear

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You could just release a new attack module, with these things included, and just check to see if they have X module installed and enabled before they can run the script.

For example;

Module Name Attack w/ clans incorporated

Modules Needed Clans

if[! module_installed(clans) OR ! module_enabled(clans) ]

print "Please install and enable the clan module. <a href="">download.</a>";


Something like that would be easier to create, would it not?

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My answer is that I need to think about how to make more modular the combat system. So far I had in mind that you could simply re-implement it the way you want it, but if we could keep a base and add some different rules or features it could be cool. I doubt I will come with something this week but maybe next week.

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I was just thinking if maybe a "hooked" button area can be used so when a player wins a combat they see the list of actions available to them. This way we keep the base combat script but I will look too and see if there is a way to do something.


What about something with the success/fail links in StartPlayerCombat ()?

Can we link those up with module urls?

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You can jump somewhere if you win, and there do something but an set of hooks would be better. Don't worry I will offer something very soon.

Alright sweet deal.

Ive been working all weekend in trying to whip up a module to declare wars with other clans and its almost complete. I think I got all the bugs worked out of it and now im just fine tuning the rest and a little shout out to illusions for finding a typo I was racking my brain around for hours. If it wasnt for that I could have been done lol but ill try to finish this up during the week in between work and sleep :p

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Ok, a new version of the combat system is available on the market place. However please download the "combat_main_actions" module as well otherwise it will be hard to use. How so? Basically the combat is now split between the main module and the actions are on hooks separated. That will allow developers to add / remove / change rules and action for the player actions at least. NPC or other side actions are still in the main module. I may move those as well if you think it make sense (actually for me it would make sense). Note that this is not valid currently either for the one click combat.

The new hooks:

combat_action_menu.php: allows to add links to the actions player can do on combat

combat_action.php: allows to handle the actions

combat_win.php: allows to run code if the combat is won

combat_lost.php: allows to run code if the combat is lost

In all case check the RunHook function call as I do pass some variables to those hooks.

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