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For interests sake


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Hi everyone,

As you all know a while back me and Aventoro enhanced ezRPG, a.k.a. ezRPG Rework.

We've put some time into it, and since most of our visions are implemented and stable, I put the project on the back-burner to gather some encouragement.

I've received a lot of "how's ezRPG going" some time ago, but all de-materialized into dust since development started on another project.

As said before, I'd be happy to support this engine from time to time, and release fixes as required.

But out of interest sake: who's using this engine or still following progress?

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I was actually thinking where you went, Spud ;)

I'm interested in how the development is going, very much so! I'm interested into seeing the methods and design patterns you've adopted, and once available I'd like to see the source, and hopefully learn from it!

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Ok, took a while to get back here, but I'll have a look now.


Hmm, the install.php did not do its job. Looks like some files might be missing or I have incorrect build of the game. Does anyone know what is the latest build that works?

On the other hand, I found the v0.12 and could install it just fine. Is the in-game forum script still available somewhere?

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