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Ben Nash

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Looking for quality psd conversions? Sick and tired paying for small extras?

We offer PSD to XHTML /CSS, Joomla and Wordpress for the best prices on the market. Every PSD conversion is hand coded by professionals to ensure you get a high quality error free conversion that has no cross-browser compatibility issues to make sure you can reach your audience on all browsers. Your converted files will only be delivered to you after passing W3C validation to ensure that your page meets the industry standards.


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Then you can resell them.

Dont go with his service.

Skooda, rather than dragging every thread that Ben starts in the mud, do as previously suggested again (oh and again), go here.

Edit: On the topic: I find it pretty ironic that one of your major 'selling' points, not even your site can live up to.

That being said the selling point in question, really doesn't matter.

That, and your testimonial section seems...irrelevant.

(Oh before I forget, your site is invalid in: HTML4.01 (TSF), XHTML 1.0 (TSF), HTML5 - close your logo's anchor tag.)

Good luck, with your service.

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1) nowhere on your site does it say how much it will cost? why should i send you my PSD when i dont know how much it will cost to code?

2) top right "24/7 US Toll Free: 000-000-0000" is only half displayed, plus why have it when its not of any use

3) its just a themeforest theme, would it not be better to design and code one yourself

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Every conversion we do works in all major browsers? Yet your own website doesn't work on my iPhone?

Works fine on the Nokia E7-00 and Samsung Galaxy S3 (only two phones, I had handy), quick test using both seemed to function correctly (or at least as one would expect, from just resizing the browser on the PC).

Though on that note the responsiveness is indeed a little flaky, most notable is the testimonial section in portrait, or even the same section after a certain width when resizing your browser.

All that being said, I don't think most conversion sites that don't specifically state "mobile friendly" or "mobile first", will by default support mobile browsers.

Probably will change in the future, round about the same time they drop XHTML as a selling point. :)

(As Dayo pointed out)

It's just a Themeforest theme, and has specific browser support, so it may be a little unfair to pin the blame on Ben himself.

Compatible Browsers IE8, IE9, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Edited by Djkanna
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