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Video Submission Service

Ben Nash

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I am offering video submission service for an affordable price. Why video submissions? Video submissions is a great way to drive traffic to your website because they show up in search results and more interesting than reading a article.

1 Video - 30 Submissions @ £5.99

First 3 people to message me will get this service free (building trust and reviews)

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I assume you add the appropriate tags to the video, too, to boost traffic.

Let's scenario for a second here;

I hand you £5.99, and my video about a reverse image search service, like tineye

Please summerize the tags you'd put in, and the description of the video as well. Also, include a list of websites you'd publish it to.

(It takes around 3 seconds to press 'upload', find the video, then wait for it to be processed by the website. So I can only assume this 'service' will be included.)

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Well can provide a title, description and 10 keywords for you.

Only 10?

For £5.99 (minus the upload, that takes 3 seconds) we pay almost 0.60p per keyword.

With 10 keywords, how much traffic do you estimate we get in return? Also, what sites do you publish the videos on? Extra cost for multiple sites?

I'm not trolling, it's constructive - in my eyes, anyway.

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