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Help mail table dropped phpmyadmin

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Sorry to hear that :(

Very little you can do. Besides recovering that old backup, or just take the lesson learned (backup frequently is the name of the lesson) and move on.

In theory, if you find out where mysql db files are stored on your system. Depends on what version and what OS is used. You could do a file recovery, chances for that working is still slim.

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lmfao since when does a table drop fall under a 'free modification' lol yeah go ahead and just delete your database too thats free :D

Since, people cannot be bothered to post in the right section, or don't realize they did not. Or when folks cannot be bothered to move it to the right section.

As previously stated, the mail table will be in your data.sql (may not be called data.sql, hell I don't know) file, that comes with almost every copy of MCCodes.

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I Accidentley Dropped The "mail" Table In PHPmyAdmin, Anyone Know The SQL To Enter To Get It Back? As I Have No Recent Back-Up :o

Seeing how Lite uses the same sql table I will post.

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It is a good idea to MAKE a backup of all your files so you have them, not everyone is going to be kind and share, especially if your wanting a sql table that is not in the free version, but only in the paid one.

Stores sell real cheap usb storage go buy one, and save your files on it!!

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