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What Module Would You Pay For

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Okay, I thought I would start this thread off to see if there are any possible module developers for NWE.

Things I would pay for (things I need to do on my own regardless in the next 4-5 months):

1) Helper Module: This could be 'Staff' for a General or 'Cabinet' for a President. Helpers would need to have stats and slots like the player does. Helpers would need some sort of 'class' like 'Logistics','Training' or 'Attorney General' for example. Would need to be tradeable/purchaseable/trainable etc. They would need to be at a location or with the player (like left off). They would need to be able to provide a location report. Like a spy?

2) Building Module: This would need to be attached to a location. It would need to able to be owned by someone for some item or money. It need to have stats and slots like the player does. It would need a class 'Airport', 'Bus Depot'. It would need to be attackable (or abuseable) generically. It would need to have items attached to it (storage?).

3) GURPS Style Item Module: (If you don't know the GURPS system you look at it up from Steve Jackson Games) But the long and short of it, is a system that lets you generically assemble items that have statistics into a unique item that they can name. An example: 'My Super Tank' is made up of Tech Level 3 Treads, Tech Level 4 Cannon, Tech Level 5 Engine, etc. But my pal wants his tank to be called 'My Worst Tank' Tech Level 1 everything. Players could customize their own built items (like patterns) and I could define what of each class of 'parts' items would need to do tasks at some other point. Like locomotion, power, attack, defense.

So ultimately, I am doing all this. But if you can beat me to it, I would pay. Not that I know what its worth, but it saves me time. If you need more details of what I am looking for pm me.

(My requirements would only be that you could demo it for me online. I don't care if you use parts of other modules. But I don't want just to use the slots for helpers for example because I already played with that and it is not robust enough. I can use PayPal or write you a check.)

Let me know,


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I am willing to pay for just about anything, walking piggy bank here haha

That is if its rather cheap.

Some the things I am gonna need/buy in near future

casino type games, blackjack, poker,keno, roulette etc

1) Like henchmen? When you said helpers I thought you meant helpers to manage the game, as in moderators. But pretty sure you mean NPC that follow the character, or placed around the world?

2) Building Module

Things such as the casinos I mentioned will be own able by players, gonna try to make it dynamic enough to be used for many things.

3) Seems like I need to buy another book

As for what I make that I will (attempt to )charge for, is things that I make extra effort adding things that I really would not need if I was making the module only for my self. Such as fancy admin panels for not having to go the database.

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1) Henchmen, Followers, Staff, yep.

2) If the game is about ... War ... it might be Factories ... if it was about ... Crime ... it might be Apartments or Hideouts.

3) Gurps meant Generic Universal Roleplay System. Was meant as a minimalist system that you could build any game (or in this case items) from with common rules. (Characters, items, worlds, skills) Way ahead of its time in the old days but also much harder to play. The items have always intrigued me. It helped you build a row boat with the same rules as a star cruiser and be able to compare them by tech and a variety of other stats (speed, combat factors, size, carry capability etc)


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Okay, another thought for a module I would like to purchase. A map from the locations. Now I know the locations are pretty generic but if you could add North/South/East/West or up down or a degree system or something, that would be real cool. So my idea .. if you took a map of the United States, Europe or whereever ... HOW would you display that movement in a generic way?

I really hope we get module writers here. I honestly don't have the time to support modules but would be an avid buyer. Remember that :)


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Well I just downloaded the dev version so hopefully if I get time I may try my hand at some stuff, probably wont be great but hey whatever. As for a map module that should be pretty easy to create using some of the image*() functions php has to offer. Now im really not very good with any sort of js or its libs but maybe with some sort of event you csn just move their "location" a pixel, 2, or 3

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