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License Verification


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And this is not a BIG deal. But it gives out my personal email account on the license verification. NORMALLY this isn't a good thing in my opinion. I would rather something less pointing at the same place my wife and kids email me to lol. Stops spam.


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I had actually not read the license agreement before now :o

Generous of you to not limit to 1 domain/ip + off-line(non public) development and testing versions.

What could happen is that anyone brought in to help on a game, could take the key, and use on their own site. Anyone doing such a thing would prob not have a "verify it" link on their site anyways. Perhaps we should see in our nw-engine account, where the license have been used. I know piracy cant be stopped, but at least they wont be running a valid license.

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Indeed I wasn't thinking of limiting the number of sites / domain YOU could use with one license. I would have left to the owner of the site to decide if to buy one license for all or one for each. Yet I don't want that somebody buy once license and redistribute it to 100 other people. So for me it would be 1 license per user, where the user is either an individual or a team working on a common project (however in that case the people of the team should not have the right to re-use the license for than that particular project). I don't know if my idea is somewhat clear. That was also the reason why I was showing the email / name of the person which bought it, and not an IP or a domain.

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