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I have been working on games and systems for like 25 years. So I get excited alot when I see something I like. Like, for example, NWE. Lots of potential, maybe needing growth but good enough. I think maybe I am in my own pool and expect too much from the forum. I promise to not post so much and will just go on to my own development.

Thank you all and I will continue reading!


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Well its the support area for NWE so I wanted to be involved, share etc. But your are right, seems kind of (not dead) just slow. I work fast, hard and focused! I will work on my own for the moment. But expect good things from the system.



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Perhaps we should send a_bertrand of to a marketing class. Found the engine by random really. And I was activity seeking out php game engines

Lesson 1: Get on hotscripts.com

a_bertrand mentioned something about 2 weeks off, last activity was 22. As I have seen he is usually very active on these forums.

I am very happy with the engine, and I dont mind that its not an out of the box solution. Opens for more variation in the games made with it. Then, does anyone know of a game made with NWE?

Currently I am not sure what I will make out of the engine. Currently made a theme compatible with Twitter Bootstrap, still needs refining and improvements before sharing.

Made a classic mafia crimes module that uses "nerve". Made for internal use, so crimes needs to be added by file. I'm not very experienced with making solutions that fit other developers. And I think any game owner needs to know how php/websites work anyhow, so not to focused on that.

I am leaning towards making a mafia style game.

Any games in mind Greg?

And please do keep posting

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I have about 100 ideas. I was trying to see how I can slim things down to fit in the engine. I need ownership of locations for about everything. My main focus was converting the player stats (dexterity etc) to locations and clans. I HATE the word clan, so its faction etc. Mafia games are okay but SO limited. I will probably start with one of my space game ideas (TradeWars, etc). I think NWE could profit my looking at LOGD (http://www.lotgd.net). It's in PHP and gives SO many features. It is copyrighted and such but contains alot of good ideas. I don't go with them as a framework because of the license.

I have never seen the 'perfect' game engine. I ran a Play-By-Mail company in the old old days (pre-internet). Have been looking to bring them on the Internet for years. Just no time with wife and kids.


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NWE will soon be able to adapt a game style chosen by the user a bit like changing a cartridge on an old nintendo with which you can swap and change from your database for setups created...


A Mafia SQL

An Enchanted game SQL

A Lycans SQL


Users will remain as they are but all other aspects of the SQL with change

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