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Ravens Script


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I got a issue here in whcih I've purchased Ravans mafia game script but when I've been looking around it seems its a copy of mccodes and for me to use Ravans, I need to buy a MCCODES licenes?

At the momment I'm refusing to place the game online, purely due to the fact that I don't want to steal someones work.

I've tried contacting Ravan over this but haven't recieved a response.

Could anyone shed some light for me and tell me where on earth I stand.


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Well this is a tough one. Though i have only been here and been in the business for about a year now but i feel it is a pretty decent rip off of mccodes. But from what i have read there is some banter back and forth about it saying that mccodes ripped off someone elses work but if that was the case how is mccode still selling numerous amounts of engines? On the flip side to that, how is raven still selling there engines. I too have a copy of V1, V2, V2.5, and Raven and clearly Raven is almost exactly like mccodes V2 just with some slight changes. My suggestion is to hold off on going live with the raven script cause i have heard of people having to pull there game because of using it.

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Shedding light is a tricky one.

It's obvious from source, that Ravan is a copy of MCC v2 source code, with very little alterations (if someone could verify, that would be great. It's been a while since I've seen Ravan) now whether or not MCCodes can do anything about it is another matter.

They could argue you're using an unlicensed MCCodes engine.

You could argue you're using a validly licensed Ravan engine.

Either way it's probably best to contact MCCodes Support and wait for an answer.

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The fact that they are still up prove nothing. And changing something around does not allow you to take ownership of anything.

raven.info is located in Sweden, Sweden is also famous for hosting sites such as piratebay, think they moved after being raided and spent ALOT of money in court. In other words, not easy to get a server taken down there. Also, dint they use another domain before...

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