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Lite & v2 requests

Ben Nash

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well i just introduced a teams thing, which each team, odd ids and even ids are in two different teams,

in my case its all odd ids are hackers and all even ids are police.

the hackers attack the police and police attack hackers, maybe you could work on something along these lines, the basics of this are in the thread before this one. something along these lines but improved would be good, i found it make users more active and want to use the attack system more. gets them more involved and competitive. :) an idea :)

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Instead of ID, simply check active online within X time, on each team and assign to lowest.

So if 20 active people play per day for the hackers, but only 12 for the police, next 8 to join will be police, until the numbers match.

Seems fairer than simply dividing by ID

yeah i wanted to do that but i'm not that good at coding yet.

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