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Help with Attack Script.


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Basically, I am re-coding my V2 attack script (currently have a 1 click attack system in place) and instead of it listing every attack (sometimes it ends up in the tens of thousands as a HP battle), I want it to list say hit 1-4 and then skip to the last 4?


My attack

Their attack

my attack

their attack


my attack

their attack

my attack

their attack

They won, gaining them XX EXP and $XX,XXX

If you need me to elaborate more then I will try. I am not asking for you to code it, but give me a hint into the right direction.

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Yes Sir. Basically when it comes to a HP battle there can be thousands of "hits" causing players phones etc. to crash.

I understand.

I'm not entirely sure if this will help with optimization, but you could just do the processing that's needed to take the health, and then display random results?

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Assuming you store the outcome of each round into an array (the individual elements need not concern us here), then array_slice() would appear a handy starting point...

$result = array(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12);

if (count($result) > 8)
   $first_four = array_slice($result,  0, 4);
   $last_four  = array_slice($result, -4, 4);
   $result     = array_merge($first_four, array('...'), $last_four);

   [0] => 1
   [1] => 2
   [2] => 3
   [3] => 4
   [4] => ...
   [5] => 9
   [6] => 10
   [7] => 11
   [8] => 12

Though as with most PHP, there are multiple solutions. Which you choose, will be dependant on a number of things, I suspect most notably being the number of anticipated rounds. If this becomes too high, then the combat system may have to be reworked to reduce the load on the server.

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something on the lines of....


if($_GET['nextstep'] > 50)
print"<center><h1><font color='red'><span class="highlight">STALEMATE</span>!</h1> <h2>You both get bored and go home!</h2><a href="http://index.php" target="_blank">> Back</a></center>";
$h->endpage();event_add($odata['userid'],"<a href="http://viewuser.php?u=$userid" target="_blank">{$youdata['username']}</a> Tried to Attack you but ended in a stalemate.",$c);
$db->query("UPDATE users SET attacking=0 WHERE userid=$userid AND userid=$odata");


Will set the attack so when the total is 50 you can go no further....

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