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Infiniti Engine (Revised)


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After looking at comments on the first post i have been away and rethought the idea and i am now releasing a normal game engine built on MySQL, PHP, Jquery etc and offering the Android, iOS apps at $50 extra onto of main engine price as extras or you have the choice of a mobile extra that just enables a mobile website within the engine.


Full Modular System.

Full Template System.

More Info Soon..


Base Engine (Jquery) - $200 (1 Year Upgrades) - $250 (3 Years Upgrades) - $300 (Lifetime Upgrades) - Upgrade extensions also available so if you buy $200 package you can upgrade to 3 years upgrades for the extra $50 etc.

Base Engine (Non Jquery) - $100 (1 Year Upgrades) - $150 (3 Years Upgrades) - $200 (Lifetime Upgrades) - Upgrade extensions also available so if you buy $100 package you can upgrade to 3 years upgrades for the extra $50 etc.

Mobile Website Addon - Free (if valid licence) - N/A if you dont.

Android Addon - $50 (if valid licence) - $100 if you dont.

iOS Addon - $50 (if valid licence) - $100 if you dont.

Android + iOS - $75 (if valid licence) - $150 if you dont.

+ Over 50 Modifications in the Mod Library + 5 Templates

should be extended to around 200 - 300 and 20 templates by time of release.


DEMO: Coming Very Soon.


* NOTE: Base Engine (Jquery) - Also includes the No Jquery Engine so users without Jquery can browse the site.

also all valid licences receive 50% off all modifications in the Addon Library.

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This will be interesting to see, however, why are you accommodating non-license holders of your own script with mobile applications?

Ok firstly i didnt make this clear i am allowing people to download the Android + iOS application without a licence as people can edit the code to work with another game engine as they can use the applications as a base for any other game engine i only did this as i have not seen another game engine offering this so i will still sell these to non licence holders for that reason


Let me get this straight? Your selling an engine *without feature list* and an applet addon feature for how much? And I'm pretty sure they are many online app encoders (FREE ones).

Unless I see some good work in this engine i'ma pass and hold out for mini neab :)

GL anyhow...


and yes i have not published a feature list for a good reason firstly the engine comes packaged to how the user wants to use it

apon setup of the script on a server the users is displayed with a page to select what modules they want packaged with their game each user will get 15 mods to select then the installer will package the modifications with the game at the same time the user will be able to select what template they would like installed on their engine also (PSD included - same licence as engine 1 domain usage) then after they have done that the game will package everything into the engine and install all the features this is just a kind of example of what i am aiming for.

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thats your opinion tbh i think it is the right price or i wouldn't have posted it for that price as i said users will get all modules they want packaged with the engine so it will be fully built like any other engine also with 1year - lifetime upgrades i think it is a fair price if they dont want to buy it simple they just wont.

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Have you looked into this market at all? They are many engines for so much cheaper. and with LIFETIME updates.

Heres a short list:

Hero Cloud



Unity (supports mobile also?)

Unreal engine...

They are pretty well priced.

Hero cloud is only $99 for 1 year. They host all games for you, keep the servers running and take 35% of game profit.

I think you should re evaluate your engine and maybe post a demo/video.

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ok well firstly do you even know what your talking about

Unreal Engine


Hero Cloud

are different game engines they are mostly for 3d development and also unity yes it supports mobile but have a look how much that costs $400 and that is for android and another $400 for iOS and if you want pro it costs $1500 so first do your research herocloud also yes $99/year mine is $200/lifetime no more fees so again your list is flawed and it dont support mobile as far as i know and for UDK i have used this myself and i know for a fact it supports mobile but you have to also pay epic games after you make so much from your game so again FLAWED.

and with NEab and NWE yes they are both good engines but i am offering something totally different they are fixed engine when you first buy them and you have to do quite a bit of work to get it how you would like it.

So again do your research on engines.

and also as i said if users want to buy it they will if they dont simple they wont it is up to the user to buy it or go somewhere else if you dont like the price i advise you go somewhere else also

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