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What will be in 1.1.4


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Here is the planning for the next release:

- Updates of nearly all the mods

- Some bug fixes

- eval function is now wrapped (thanks to octarine feedback), and will allow better debug of conditions / actions

- Error handler gives back a readable info

- Possibility to disable the security module (currently it's not possible)

- New theme manager (allows to import / export themes)

- New image uploader (which let you upload images for different modules based on the config.xml file)

- Not sure yet which, but a couple of new mods are planned too

When is this release planned? Hopefully end of next week.

As always, comments, wishes are welcome.

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I agree, it's an excellent source for learning! I bought the engine a couple of days ago and comparing it to some other engines( it won't be fair to name them) it's takes layman's hindsight to figure where they went wrong and why they received so much criticism.

Anyway, good work on the update!

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The next version is coming well, however I will need 1 more week to finish it, so no release this week. Sorry about it.

On the other side, the theme manager, and the image uploader will certainly bring some to the engine. To allow admins to upload images you will simply need to define a couple of lines in the config.xml file, and the image uploader module will allow you to upload / view / remove the images:

Taken from the explore/config.xml

   <image_upload folder="images" table="explore_types"
       id_column="id" display_column="name" image_format="jpg">


This defines the folder name containing the images, the optional database table linked to the images (like id.ext), table columns and image extension. You can also define a list of images which are always there (not linked to a table).

I will also add a "online" / "offline" flag to user table as requested by Ruler.

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As update:

- Theme manager should be ready beside the integration with the marketplace

- Image upload (as stated before) is now done

- Avatars as requested is implemented

- Error handling reworked

- Online / Offline status is now a field on the user table and can be queried via a simple function

- Logout now put you offline

- After a given inactive time (can be set via config) players will be set as offline automatically

- view_player can now be extended via additional hooks (avatars being the first)

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