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Got a site you're stuck on? Need ideas/development/writing/a little graphic help?


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I'm offering my services as a fairly experienced (2 1/2 years) launcher/retooler of McCodes v1/v2 games of all types. If you have a site you've started on, but are stuck what to do with it or an older site you want to bring back up with more ideas/writing/mod installer or tweaker/graphic touchups, etc....i'm your man. My rates are reasonable, and I can join up and help out. Feel free to PM me or email me: [email protected]

Overview of me: I've been on the web for 15+ years running various types of ventures, including 2 computer game companies, and I have earned a BA in English and an AA in Computer Science as well.

I accept Paypal and fees are dependent on how much I need to do.

I also have MSN messenger available: [email protected]



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Sim: 1 is still around, but has been dormant for a bit: mindtoygames.com, and the other has since been sold and the owner has changed it quite a bit: stormcloudcreations.com

The two text-based McCodes games I started have since been sold and gone under (not due to any action on my part), and I have one in development that is under wraps for now.

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