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Feedback on Template!!


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I've seen quite a few layouts having background images i.e. blood, camouflage ect... Personally i like a plain background or more of a clean look layout.

I like the thingy in the middle, i assume that's to calculate the EXP?

It's nice but it seems a little bulky, perhaps once it's integrated into mccodes it would look better, it's a nice template overall except the background.

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it isnt getting integrated into mccodes it going into my custom engine i dont have any time for mccodes and yh atm it just concept ive already coded all of the header and yes the middle part is exp and level in the middle and ill look at changing the bg

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I disslike non-repetitive backgrounds as they are a pain in the ass to code for larger screens yes it may look good on a 1028x798 resolution screen but what about ppl with 1920x1028+

Many if you blurred it into the red solid color at the left right and at the bottom it would become easier to code

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