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NWE (Full) 1.1.1 released


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I just released the version 1.1.1 of NWE full (dev and free will follow shortly).

What's in:

- Quiet some little fixes scattered around.

- Improvement of the turn based combat

- Improvement of the exploration

- Improvement of the training

- Improvement of the messages (with request and send money, multi-selection to delete, and visible attachments in the list of received messages)

- Fixed tutorial, now works with the new collapsed menu

- New flood control

- New works module

- New scan hook module

- New code editor module, linked from exceptions and hook scan, as well as directly visible. Can view only modules files, and only PHP, CSS, JS, XML files.

- New game lock module

With all that, I'm happy to say I feel it a solid release. In case of issues, you know where to find me. As always this is a free release, and you can download the patch or the full package.



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You mean to limit the flood control only on a given set of pages / modules? That should possible indeed, but if that's what you want you will have to wait till next release ;)

As some features of the last release are maybe somewhat hidden, this is an example of what the engine can now do. If you get an error, like in this case triggered by a module which throw an exception, the error handler shall catch it and display it with the old yellow box. However if you are logged in as super user, and the code editor module is enabled, you can now click on the file link:


And jump directly to the file and correct line. That shall help you guys debug your code. You may also prevent saving / editing of the files if you edit manually the config.xml file. I don't allow the editing via the admin panel as it would then make it useless.


The hook scan does basically the same, it will let you jump from any of the hook to the file directly in the code editor.



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I'm not playing with your demo I installed a fresh version. Change the template to something else (simple brown for example), and then try to use them. I haven't tried to fix it yet (nor do I remember the exact error), but it's probably something you just forgot to put in the other templates.

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JohnGato: I found your issue, when you apply a patch, it doesn't clean the cache hooks, therefore maybe you still have an older version in the cached hooks. This bug of the installer will be fixed in the next release, in the mean time simply clean your cache hooks (in the admin menu) and you shall be up and running.


I found the issue with the simple brown template and the ajax. Edit the lib/ajax.php file and replace line 256 with:

$res = TemplateLinkButton($id, $label, "#", $jsFunction . ";return false;", null, true);


Again this will be fixed with next release for all. And thanks guys for your reports ;)

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