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anyone used webhostmaker?

Ben Nash

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Has anyone used web host maker before? I am thinking about getting the cheap reseller due to it being very cheap. http://www.webhostmaker.com/?page_id=3021

I already use webhostmaker. Their suppport is fast but:

1. Slow server

2. Their root user always hacked by hacker and the hacker will delete/suspend any account.

3. Angry support staff.

4. Low technical skill. They will ignore my ticket if I ask about technical question.

5. Price for Dedicated IP is too expensive. 3 USD per month.:mad:

6. They like to suspend any account/terminate if they like to do.

7. They will reformat their server and not restore back the data.:mad:

I think this is enough for you to avoid webhostmaker.com.

You can search "webhostmaker sucks" at google at you will get a hundred negative response about this hosting company.

Please avoid from them.

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Sorry to dig up a 6 mo. old thread but I have used these guys and wished I seen this first. I am actually dealing with them for one of my servers right now and their service is far below par.

At first when I would submit a ticket usually I would get a response within 12 hours which IMHO is a little slow for paid hosting but I guess they don't have 24/7 support, oh well they would fix it.

For the past 3 weeks though every support ticket I have placed I get no response and check back up on it in my client area and guess what? My ticket is deleted, and my domain is still not accessible. It appears they may have changed their nameservers and don't want to give me their new one or allow me to add my own nameserver. I can't access WHM/Cpanel or anything and I guess they like to wait till their 30 day money back guarantee is out to stop providing support.

In a nutshell stay away from these guys.

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