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Hi all im new to this site soo hope this is the right forum for this topic. Im in the process of having an app built for mobile phones. it works in phonegap soo making it one code that will work with apple ios phones as well as android and blackberry based phones. The app will be a Live streaming chat, but one of main features will be a Game section where people can play 2 player games back and forth between 2 chat users. Its already set up and there is 2 games Chess / Checkers, but my question is. If anyone can modify these games to work better as of now they are very cheaply made and the design could use some changing. IF not would it be possible to make new ones or and add new games as i would like 5 more simple games. The app is almost done here in a week or 2 then if serious i can give source code to work on project. Please let me know thanks.

also my app the main chat design i do need some changes to that if anyone can do designs or can change some of my design such as changing bckround color and small things like that. thanks again

i cant pay a ton as i already paid quite a bit for the project but im up for offers soo if interested please shoot a price and we can go from there.

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Good luck with your project. It's the first time I see this phonegap framework. Seems interesting even if actually I wonder what's the true plus value in your case against a standard HTML 5 website. The HTML 5 website would have the advantage to do not require any download, of course the price would be that you don't have an App to offer, and maybe some functionality which could be offered like voice chat, or pictures or whatever could not be done. On the other side you would have basically live upgrades, and working on basically any platform.

Also, you didn't really stated what you want. Somebody willing to work for free for you or are you willing to pay for it?

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Im willing to pay of course. and from other coders i asked around they all said phonegap is the way to go its new. The chat i first seen 1 year ago that i got the idea from to have my own chat was built in HTML5 it seems to work great. but my coder suggested Phonegap. Im using vps servers from Amizon web, so the chat will be live and the games should be live as well. Basicly need games fixed or new ones made to suit my needs as they need to be simple but yet clear as a 2 player game such as chess or checkers. Also I do have the app i could show someone if there interested in seeing the way the app runs and how all works. thanks

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Sounds like a great project. Seems like a battle.net project but with other games. best of luck. Wish I knew more about cell phone development. Sure I could pick it up quick but don't really have the time right now.

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