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I came across a few problems, I haven't even registered because to be nice to be harsh the game didn't attract me as it should.


Here are some tips :-)

A) Organise the game, If its menace, sort the description ect, It's very confusing to go to a game and it be called something else.

B) On the register page

- Move verify email under email, Looks nicer

- Add a captcha system.

C) Redo the Game rules, They're all the same thing really. Reword.

Good luck though :)

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It's ok, not my style, also what the other people have stated i agree with.

I noticed to by screen shot that you need to enter a code before submitting anything in the game, that can be tiresome for some, and make them leave. It's already tiresome on some games needing to do that to vote. imo

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