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Bot detect mod request (Will pay)

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I'm looking for someone to code me a mod. Its a bot detector, my idea is simple using the users days, and crimes done. Both in user table "daysold" and "crimes" to work out their crimes done per minute or second. And based on this info report if the user is cheating or not to the admin with a ban link.


Crimes / Days old / 86400 = crimes per second

crimes / days / 1440 = crimes per minute

For example so the scrip was run and reported.

User1 : .7 crimes per minute | fedjail

User2: 90.4 crimes per minute | fedjail

Clearly user two is running a marco! Will pay for this

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Yes bookmarks and refreshing etc. But still Its a way to detect a user that had a crazy amount of crimes done per second or minute. Not foolproof no. But a way to look at who could be cheating and investigate.

Anyone willing to code this for me?

Detecting clicks then throw a captcha is an idea, but what about bookmarking and refreshing. No clicks there.

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Yes of course no foolproof way, but this would help show any players that were doing crimes and crazy rates. Make detecting a possible cheat much easier and remove some guess work.


players doing 1000s of crimes a minute in there whole time in the game. You know they must cheat then. Well in my game at least.

Any one what a job to code this :) as per first post ?

p.s Lithium your alive!

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Hendrickson: indeed i am, popped out (again) a couple weeks ago... let's see until when this time :)

And replying to your initial question, yes that can be done. You got my mail still? hit me there and we can talk ;) if not pm and i'll give it again :)

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It's possible to create a DoS detection script in PHP, but it's not ideal.

But, if you want to block people forever, I'd suggest an iptables approach: rate limiting(--limit).

Of course, this would require additional rules to be any kind of a decent method, and could get pretty complex.

Or, fail2ban, a collection of scripts that scans the log files for malicious intent, and can be given patterns to match against this kind of thing as well.

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Lets do some actual math first before you put this idea forth.

Lets say, i have 100 brave, each crime takes 10 brave, each crime gives 100$ and every 5 minute's i get 10 brave.


So, the user can quickly hit their bookmark or a script, which would result in the user being only able to make 10 crimes (8/10 successful). Would result in $800 given to the user, 5 minute's later and he can do it again only making it 1 crime.


Theoretically it's impossible for a user to do 90 crime's in a minute, as they would require to have 900 brave. And if im correct, that would lead the player to having somewhat a level in the 400's?

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Just another option to look at;

Is limiting the number of crimes a player can do during any reset period. X number for donators, X number for nondonators.

You can further that by limiting the number of times they can refill "brave" or whatever resource is used as well.

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