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Selling Game!

The Darkness

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Now I thought most game sales was pretty bad but this is shocking.

Fully conditioned? as in the usual free/paid mods available here anything extra unique? BTW as far as I know McCodes latest version is not 100% fully secure.




Seen as you have not posted any of that info makes me think its probably not very good. Has no players. Nothing unique. Bad design and its not worth more than perhaps the domain registration cost and thats depending on if the domain is worth having.

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So basically about 5 days after cron issues, and stating you are new to the coding / game owner business, you sell the game? What's wrong? Decided to stop? Maybe before we could try to help you.

Also, if you don't own a license of McCode you don't have the right to sell it, if you own one on the other side your game should worth the price of the license. (Of course it means you cannot continue to use McCode unless you purchase another license).

Overall you must give more details, and maybe don't give up so quickly. Unless of course you have other issues or decided to take another road.

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I Really Hate It When People Type Every Word With A Capital Letter. It's Annoying Huh?

On a serious note, at least give the name of the game, domain, screenshots perhaps, a working demo account. This is just like me saying to you "I'll sell you a car, give me the money and you'll get the keys the moment you give me the money". No-one knows what they're getting themselves into. More info would be helpful

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