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Who has purchased NWE?


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I'm just curious of who has actually purchased the FULL version (not the developer version) of NWE. I'm wanting to get the dev version but am just curious of how many people are actually using this engine before i make any modules for it :P

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It was by way of example. When android was first released did anyone think should I make something for this or wait and see how it goes?

No they jumped in both feet and made stuff for it. Your not going to know how many buy the engine as thats Alain's business and why would he tell exact figures.

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I honestly believe that it is not a matter of who has purchased as of today that will determine the success of those who sell mods, but the amount of mods made for this engine that will invite more people to buy the engine and then the mods.

When I first came to MWG, the main appeal of mccodes was the numerous mods that were available for it already. No other engine could provide this readily available at my fingertips. I had no idea what I was getting into, but I can say I have spent more and more on mccodes than I ever planed to. The same will be true of NWE for other owners as well. Lets face it, most of the copies of mccodes sold are to people who want a game with very little work invested. If you want to sell your mods, you need to cater to this same demographic. People like me who want a game but would rather pay someone to do the work for them and have it right now. So really, you are brought to the choice of as a programmer or coder, what engine do I want / enjoy coding for.

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