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Hey everyone!!!

I was wondering if there was a simple way to stop people from bookmarking items in there inventories?

If so, what are some potential downfalls to it if any? I have considered to update the inv_ids in the itemuse file or maybe in the inventory file but im assuming that it may eat up a lot of rescources slowing down the game with the constant db queries.

Any help you give is much appreciated, thanks..

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Personally as long as they can't use items they don't have I wouldn't worry about this kind of thing. You will end up with the same thing happening just with the user clicking "use" rather then loading a bookmark of the itemuse page. You will annoy the users that do it, and of course, add more loading time to the server since they have to load 3 pages rather then one. Minimal I would hope, but still...

Or is there as specific problem with them doing it (e.g. they are cheating) ?

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