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Hi guys!!

As you all know that new world engine have just released.So I am thinking of creating some modules(Mods) for it.Because whenever i am free i will simply browse the internet so i thought better than browsing why not create some mods for nw.So what i wanna know is that what you people want for nw.Most of the modules will be free will be free and some of them will cost.

All the ideas and feedbacks will be appreciated


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Way to early to ask such a question in my opinion.

Yep i have to agree get used to the engine first and work out the functions i know from mods iv'e made for NWE that they are checked by Alain and if he aint happy with something its back to the drawing board which is damn good cos it emans no crappy mods are being placed into a well written engine..

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yes i agree with you guys.I have actually gone through the engine before because i was gonna make a donator module but that module was a fail so later alain showed me his donator module and i have got pretty much idea of whatever i dint know about the engine.So i am going through the engine again so i dont get stuck anywhere

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