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Need some info please


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Im probably going to be getting redux soon, but before i buy anything i just need to ask a question.

See if i hosted a game with a hosting company would that be laggy or can it handle it?

Would i be better off getting a server or vps?


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1. Why Redux. I would suggest you wait and look at the other better written engines. Personally at this moment in time I would wait for Alain to release his engine.

2. I would not put a game on a server with 23 other games on it.

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If you're going to go Mccodes, don't go redux. People seem to be finding it difficult to use, and there seems to be more community support for the V2 version engine. As for other options, I would also say wait for the above, but in the mean time try out some of the others openly available such as gangster legends, and ezrpg.

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Personally, if you plan on hosting a game on another host that host's game's without reputation, your asking for your code's to be stolen.

Buy a cheap host.. monthly at like $6.99 until you feel you NEED to move. When you see you have over 100 users online at any given time. Thats when you should change. Until then, any professional hosting company can provide you with what you need and they have in mind of couple server's. Unlike just one server, with that come's peace of mind that no one is secretly browsing your script's, and that there might be a 2% chance another RPG game is hosted on that exact server.

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Thank you for the replies everyone, they were all very helpful.

I think im going to do what haunteddog said, just use normal hosting and then move when i need to.

rulerofzu what is Alain's game engine called? and could you give me some more info about it please?

Thank you.

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The name of the engine: New Worlds Engine

Day to look for: 21th March 2012

What is it: A PHP game engine designed with flexibility and simplicity as first goal. Contains most of what you could expect from a game, beside the full content / story which you should bring.

Difference with other engines: its modular design, which allow you to install new modules right from the admin panel, you can also disable them directly. Also, modules can use the framework to offer tweaks, options, or more. All texts can be directly edited by an administrator without changing a single line of code. Templates can be changed directly from the administrator or by any player.

Is that all? No just stay tuned and you shall be surprised.

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I feel like you people act Like want to steal his codes I'm just trying to make a sucessful host were gamers like me alway complain about a host don't have your game up and always suspended for no apparent reasonAnd also every hosting had to start somewere.

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Success is decided in the long term.

You may be doing ok now, but putting so much on a server is going to bring it to melt down at some point.

That is the point where success becomes failure.


It's like asking any experienced sysadmin: OpenVZ or Xen?

The answer will always be Xen.

Quality beats quantity every time.

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