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Selling textbased mafia game


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Also cave yes I have a liscene and I didnt really notice that this was illegal people do this all the time if im not mistaken and do it really matter if its on a server.I tell you what I will put it on a free server then it will be a website and if I do that will you shut your mouth up.

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I'm sick of mccodes this and that being illegal to use... It is also illegal to sell without a business license so who is in the wrong mccodes, or the person who bought it? To me they both are, but who cares life goes on.. but really they BOTH are illegal period, but people use them BOTH. No lose. And what I have heard not even the mccode site made them, someone else did so talk about copyrights...

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Hes the only one that gets it all im trying to do is make a lil cash aftferwards im done with mccodes and now your talking about giving my license away well I want have a problem with that but dont act like non of you never sold an game before that you didnt create.But I really dont get it with this mccode when I bought it non of that stuff came with it came from my hard hours of time.

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Just a quick couple of questions. Is this a clone of a clone of a clone? If you click on your Upgrade Account link you get this...

Upgrade Account

By donating to Gangsta Life you are agreeing to the following terms:

If you look in your federal jail it says to mail [email protected]

Also your shoutbox does not work. You get this error.

QUERY ERROR: Table 'crimelan_Crimelane.shout_box' doesn't exist

Query was SELECT `id`,`user`,`time`,`message` FROM shout_box ORDER BY time DESC

So that's :

Gangsta Life



What's the name of the site again?

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Sorry change my mind dont need the money but since I got a new game engine and its not mccode.But im thinking of making a contest and the winner will get the full game + Liscene and 5months free of me coding it.Also this will happen in the next 3weeks if my mate dont buy it.

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