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I was wondering if anyone here had experienced something i'm about to detail with notepad ++ (I'm using the latest version).

Me and a fellow developer on MWG are currently both working on something, The thing is whenever i view a file he has editted when I open it Notepad automatically inserts a blank line inbetween every line.

Even if i make edits and save it, the other developer can open it from his machine and will have no blank lines in the file. Low and behold when I try and then open it again on mine the pesky lines are back.

anyone had this issue before or know how to resolve it.

(we have both got the latest stable version of Notepad ++ and both tried using identical FTP programs etc)

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I also had the exact sam problem using filezilla except on some occasions when transferring from FTP to PC everything was on 1 line however this may have happened on the upload to server. the file was corrupt when opening in normal windows notepad and had square blocks instead of line breaks...

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I know it's a real pain in the ass ... but what I have to do to avoid the whole 1 line and square blocks crappage is to import it into a Word program first ... then from there to Notepad++. So far this is the only way that I have found to top the garbled crap. Not sure if that helps or not.

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