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editing the EXP display


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@Biohazard, I don't believe there is a `exp_needed` field, thus causing the division by zero.

I don't have a default header nor global_func to see what the variable is to hold the exp needed. So;

Go to header

Find the exp bar line

Find the formula to work out how much is left (I.E 24%)

Use what Biohazard posted

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its in the global_func.php

function check_level()


global $db;

global $ir,$c,$userid;

$ir['exp_needed']= (($ir['level']+1.5)*($ir['level']+1.5)*($ir['level']+1)*2.7);

if($ir['exp'] >= $ir['exp_needed'])














$ir['exp_needed']=(int) (($ir['level']+1)*($ir['level']+1)*($ir['level']+1)*2.2);

$db->query("UPDATE users SET level=level+1,exp=$expu,energy=energy+2,brave=brave+4,maxenergy=maxenergy+2,maxbrave=maxbrave+4,

hp=hp+50,maxhp=maxhp+50,money=money+500000,crystals=crystals+100,levelpoints=levelpoints+1 where userid=$userid");



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but i have done this now

this is abit harder for me as i forgot to mention that the stats are not in header on my game, but in an iframe on its own

but i did this



$enperc=(int) ($ir['energy']/$ir['maxenergy']*100);

$wiperc=(int) ($ir['will']/$ir['maxwill']*100);

$experc=number_format(($ir['exp']/$exp_needed*100), 2);

$brperc=(int) ($ir['brave']/$ir['maxbrave']*100);

$hpperc=(int) ($ir['hp']/$ir['maxhp']*100);

which now works

thanks for the help

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