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Design for Sale - Evil/Satan Theme

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Okay, well was messing around and it's not 100% finished yet either. If someone is interested and buys it, then I'll finish it up with a login panel on the right and a register for the same style but in replace of the login.

Curious if anyone is interested in this type of template.

URL: http://www.w3theory.com/Clients/gold/login.png

Bid starts at : 10$


Peter Leaman

Edited by W3Theory || Peter
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After doing a little break from coding up my last clients template, I decided to give the rest of this a go. So the page is updated.

Looking good, not exactly sure about the fire effect at the bottom, but definitely worth (and more) the price it's being sold at.

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The fire at the bottom just looks out of place while be in place. It's hard to explain but overall the template looks nice but doesn't make any sense. You'd probably be better of creating a header and selling this of as a theme pack.

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