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Hello Community,

Well I been trying to focus on my templates and make sure that I am grasping the theme 100%. A recently had a client who ordered a template off of me and I would like to see what people think of it.

Thank you.

Title of Game: Gold Rush

Theme: 40's/Gold Miner

URL: http://www.w3theory.com/Clients/gold/index.png

Criticism is very welcomed! I want to keep learning and when you have one person really looking at it for a while I am sure I missed places that should of been differently.

Thanks for any feedback,

Peter Leaman

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To be honest it looks a bit dull. The lifeline bars look bland. The header graphic, while cool, looks incomplete. The content area appears more as a bulletin board or generic content area for a website rather than a game area where all the actions will take place.

- I agree about the red effect, it seems a bit weird. Also, I can tell you got lazy and duplicated the part near the middle and just to the right of it.

- The "Gold Rush" logo is off-centered left

- Your navigation doesn't leave enough room on the right for the text. You can see the "occupation page" almost hitting the border.

I like where its heading, but I don't think its quite there yet. I like the footer a lot.

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Thanks all! I have to agree with you on that Diesl, I can see where the title and the menu text is not properly padded. Those can be changed easily! I might redo the red effect, what I was trying accomplish was fire from scratch haha guess that one failed. I'll keep practicing on fire, need to make sure that looks more real. Though, I would have to disagree on the dull colors and lifeline bars looking bland on this template as I don't see that at all, but that is one persons opinion!

Thanks again for the feedback guys!

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It certainly looks good but personally it looks like you're following the same sort of design as your designer who did the Year1920 template, I prefer templates which are more unique. Just like to make clear this isn't saying you shouldn't do this cause everyone gets inspiration from others work but personally I'd suggest trying to add more of your own flare or combining a mixture of design ideas together.

Other then that it is certainly nice and your design work has improved allot since I last saw some work of yours! Keep it up.

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Yeah, I am not going to lie. He did inspire me on the structure bit, I think it's a cleaner look than what I was doing before. I have dome some templates (where the clients gives me the rights for structure's) where it's not like his, but I normally try this structure and design when I am given a structure to me already. I agree with it's better with you won flare. Thanks again!

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