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$75 free advertising & 100% publisher bonus from Leet Media


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Hello all, I am pleased to announce a special promotion for all of you at Make Web Games! We have been testing out our display ad network for some time now and are looking to give away some money for our grand opening. We specialize in banner ads for gaming-related sites only (no pops or footers).

Advertisers: Deposit $25 and get an instant bonus of $75 (so you get $100 in advertising credit for $25).

Publishers: Earn a 100% revenue bonus on your first 30 days (up to $100).

This offer is limited to one use per person/company, and is only good until July 15 (you don't have to use the advertising credits before then, you just have to make your deposit or start serving ads before then).

Use the below link to get the special promotion added to your account when you signup. New ads and publishers will be reviewed usually within a few hours during US business hours. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can post here, PM me, or use the contact form on our site.


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Where do you have your sites on? Right now, all I can see is your take our money. What sites so we can see it in progress? This could be a scam, in which you say you have publishers and then you just take the money and pretend that banners are placed on sites.

This is a valid concern that I didn't even think of when making the post. However, I'm not some fly-by-night guy looking to make a quick buck. I've been making games for a long time now, and wouldn't risk harming my reputation on something like this. You can check out who I am at http://goldfirestudios.com. I don't want to violate privacy by saying who any of our third parties are without their permission, but you can see the ads running on two of our sites right now (http://pokerrpg.com and http://mgpoll.com). Our network is still small obviously since we just launched today, but we are looking to expand quickly with offers like the ones listed above. If you have any other questions I'll be glad to answer.

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Im gona use this for a month ill post the results here ;)

Thanks for giving us a shot! If you have any suggestions along the way, don't hesitate to let me know about them. We have already implemented several feature requests since launch.

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so far ive used this for 2 weeks

results so far

Add Views: 200K

Clicks: 228

User signups: 32

Cost : $25ish (about $0.10 per click)

Active Users: To early to tell

for a week or so i messed up the add locations (so they only showed in the UK and US) this made a dramatic impact on the views/clicks to about 5 clicks and 4000 views not it is vbiewing all around the world with english speeking people and thats peeked out at 45 clicks and the most viewsed in 1 day is 45k views

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