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MCCodes Lite - RPG Project


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Hi MWG Community

Most of you will not know me here, as i am relatively new to this forum, However i have been in/around web developement for 4/5 years.

Recently i stumbled across this forum, And the MCCodes game bases.

I Decided to look into it more so i joined this forum, and visited their website, Their it was were i realised they had a free version.

I Downloaded, I Liked what i saw in terms of simpleness, However obviously the security/holes stood out in the code, It's nothing that cannot be fixed.

So i have decided i am going to fully recode the MCCodes Lite version and release a working game with it, At the moment i have no real plans laid out i am just going to code and see where i end up.

Anyways just thought i would let you all know!

Also: I am also going to be releasing many free MCCodes lite mods soon after this project, So if any of you guys have ideas, Let me know!

Thanks, Peace!

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Yeh, n00bs would use it. People who dont want to pay for anything. People who'd get mcc for free.

People do that anyway. If it's redone then it may even stop people paying $100 for mccodes, then asking why there are so many bugs? If the base is redone then the "real noob" won't use it... Not really a ready made game to most people as it's missing "gangs" (not my words)...

Anyway good luck. :)

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Remaking lite would not be all too hard

Well feel free to do your own copy...

Good Luck Evion and why if the free version is nearly is good as the paid ones then why not use the free one? (if it gets that good)

If it’s too much like the paid versions it would be kind of pointless. A better free version sounds good, but not just a clone of v1/v2. Maybe something that does not force that kind of game, but allows use of the free mods would get people to use it.

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While I encourage this idea, I've yet to see it succeed. Many people have tried, since it ever existed, or spoken about a recode of mcc lite, yet I have never ever seen a finished version that is actually worth a bit more than the original version. Good luck and hope so see something eventually :P

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True, same with the recodes of the lite version. I think many people just forget how much work it takes to create an actual engine. Heck, AB made zapengine once as a start of these ideas, but people never wanted to contribute to it, so it silently died out. Maybe look into that as well?

Nonetheless, I'd like to see it :p

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