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IRC chat scam attempt


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So be warned


[02:08:14] Iswear [[email protected]] has joined #php-games

[02:08:25] <Iswear> hi guys

[02:09:10] <Iswear> mdshare hi

[02:16:53] Justin|iPhone [[email protected]] is now known as Justin

[02:19:24] <Iswear> hi justin

[02:27:13] Justin [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Client exited

[02:30:51] Justin [[email protected]] has joined #php-games

[02:34:40] <~mdshare> hi Iswear

[02:35:09] <Iswear> hey Mdshare you got OneBip?

[02:35:42] <~mdshare> nope

[02:35:44] <~mdshare> dayo

[02:36:18] <Iswear> dayo?

[02:38:21] <Iswear> ?

[02:41:54] <~mdshare> err

[02:41:55] <~mdshare> http://www.daopay.com/

[02:41:56] <~mdshare> and

[02:42:10] <~mdshare> http://mopay-inc.com/

[02:42:30] <Iswear> OneBips Better an simple

[02:42:54] <Iswear> as you can trasnfer the balance to your paypal and etc..

[02:45:01] <~mdshare> which costs more fees to get it to your bank account

[02:45:58] <Iswear> i have ?4,900 in my OneBip and am selling it to anyone for ?2,000 via bank transfer or paypal or trade a earning site for ?4,900

[02:46:32] <~mdshare> lol

[02:46:45] <Iswear> ?

[02:47:07] <~mdshare> ok I see what system it is, good for thieves, not gonna join it then

[02:47:32] <Iswear> how thieves

[02:48:24] <~mdshare> so if you can sell onepib balance with others , for paypal or bank, heck thieves will steal cell phones to just get a balance fast and make profit from it

[02:49:47] <Iswear> NO you can't sell it im selling because i need instant money to have in hand to pay bills ...

[02:49:56] <Iswear> So basically its like a exchnage

[02:49:59] <Iswear> you can steal nothing

[02:50:14] <Iswear> a bit like paypal it self all done online

[02:50:17] <~mdshare> $4.90 will not pay bills

[02:50:30] <Iswear> ?4,000

[02:50:37] <Iswear> look at the figures

[02:50:41] <Iswear> it is thousands

[02:51:23] <~mdshare> so ? onebip has a option to transfer to paypal, so what's your problem ?

[02:51:51] <Iswear> the thing is it take awhile so i need the money in hand instant

[02:52:04] <~mdshare> will always take awhile

[02:52:14] <~mdshare> even a bank transfer will take time

[02:52:25] <~mdshare> I have a feeling you wanna try to scam

[02:52:51] <Iswear> NO i dont the thing is they give out the money end of the Month and am impatient and need it instant

[02:53:06] <~mdshare> end of month is close

[02:53:11] <Iswear> so Some one buying it off me will make the whole lot easier

[02:53:30] <Iswear> if you think am scamming ill give you around ?50.00 to prove i aint being a scum baf

[02:53:31] <Iswear> bag

[02:53:33] <~mdshare> and why on earth would you sell 4900 for 2000 , that just doesn't fit

[02:53:44] <~mdshare> especially as it's only a lil bit waiting

[02:54:23] <Iswear> Yes i know that dont Fit but 1 month is kinda long and i dont like OneBip service that much so ill give it away..for instant cash

[02:54:42] <~mdshare> so send me $50 with no obligations if you have to much money, thought you needed money to pay bills

[02:55:05] <~mdshare> all you say sounds as a scam, I apologize

[02:55:18] <Iswear> ok let me explain

[02:56:09] <~mdshare> and show me from what you make money with onebip

[02:56:22] <Iswear> OneBip takes long to transfer the Money and i got bills to pay reason im selling my balace for paypal balance cheap is the person that buys it will send me the money and it will get deposited instantly instead of waiting 1 month to get hands on ym money

[02:56:33] <Iswear> then i can pay bills and spend rest on anything else

[02:57:07] <~mdshare> and from what did you make 4900 with onebip ?

[02:57:15] <Iswear> So people who are patient will benifit another ?2,900

[02:58:07] <~mdshare> I just don't get it, getting 2000 for 4900 ! that's giving away 2900 you do, or something is wrong in your head, or you have no clue of the value of money

[02:59:00] <Iswear> OneBip is Kinda Long i dont care if i loose some out oh well but i want instant cash not Wait 1 month

[02:59:17] <~mdshare> 11 days is not a month

[02:59:50] <Iswear> No my Onebip money was sent today from a freind and counting from now to a month

[03:00:15] <~mdshare> anyway as I believe you are trying to scam people I guess I'll ask the server admins to put a g-line on you

[03:00:32] <Iswear> mdshare

[03:00:34] <~mdshare> AlastorMoody or Kyle did you follow this ?

[03:00:53] <~mdshare> or Dan :p

[03:01:11] <Iswear> if am trying to FFS scam i would 've done something else ill give you money to proove i aint scam

[03:01:23] <AlastorMoody> eh?

[03:01:34] <Iswear> scammers want to earn money and am givng you money

[03:01:36] <Iswear> to prove

[03:01:40] <~mdshare> what do you think about the above, simply sounds fishy to me

[03:02:11] <~mdshare> it's typicall scam talk Iswear

[03:02:17] <AlastorMoody> some random offering you money on the Internet is always a scam.

[03:02:28] <AlastorMoody> Just ban him from the channel if you don't want to hear it.

[03:02:39] <Iswear> oh well man w.e you guys think

[03:02:39] <~mdshare> I give 4900 you give me 2k by bank transfer

[03:02:41] <AlastorMoody> if they cause issues else where, we'll take over.

[03:02:42] <Iswear> always nerds here

[03:02:45] <Iswear> FFS!

[03:03:14] <Iswear> ban me then i dont care was being kind oh well

[03:03:15] <Iswear> !

[03:03:18] <Iswear> GOSH!

[03:03:23] Iswear [[email protected]] has been kicked from #php-games by mdshare [[email protected]]: no scammers needed

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