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Problem with XAMPP


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Hi guys i don't know if that's is the right topic for my problem, if not i'm sorry.

So, i us windows 7 and for 2 weeks i have a problem with my xampp. Every time i want to run the SQL, doesn't start. When i pres the button start i heart a sound like a "BEEP". And that stooped. Who can cussed this problem? And, can i fix this, because i want to work on my mcc game.

Thank you.

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they are different ... some people will have used xampp their whole life probably without problems, I myself have been using wampserver since ever, and honestly I've never had any problems. Except that you can't use skype on the same port (but that should be the same with xampp too, if it also uses the standard port 80).

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Sounds to me like something is using Port 80 so even if you add wamp youd still have same issue

Find out whats using port 80:

You can usually remedy this on xampp with the following file >> C:\xampp\apache\conf\httpd.conf BACKUP THIS FILE BEFORE EDITING

in the file look for use of port 80 usually looks like


Listen 80

and change 80 to a port you know thats free scroll down page and find

ServerName localhost:80

change that to match your Listening Port

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Nope you dont have errors with wampserver you have errors in your code.

As it says in the errors. Eregi is depreciated and you have undefined index.

You can save yourself a lot of time and search for solutions rather than waiting for help! Its how you learn stuff ;)

preg match replaced eregi

you can either sort out your index issues or simply turn off error reporting.

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