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some of you may remember the old game ( http://mafia-dept.co.uk ), well ... the game shut down around 3 years ago , and i used to play soo i thought , as i can code , ide re-create the game , i managed to get hold of lavoaster who has helped me to make the game up again , and i have now released an updated version , i have given it a fresher look layout , and updated a few features so please

let me know what you think

rate out of 10


Kind regards


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Well... what shall i say... I don't like it.

1) Color of text and background are not enough different and makes it harder to read. Plus fonts way too small for my own taste.

2) Registration, well not too bad, beside if you don't click on "accept the term" it does nothing nor say any warning.

3) If you check the password and username, why not show all the errors in one shot?

4) Once registered (with difficulties) why not enter directly the game?

5) Why not have a CLEAR cancel or Home button in the register page?

6) Why not add some description of the game on the home page... I don't want to create an account to know what it is.

7) Once inside the game... no info, nothing, I'm as lost as possible. Sorry I don't play those kind of games, so I have no clues what to do. Therefore people like me would leave immediately.

8) I don't see any story...

9) I pressed the "FAQ" button on the menu... and it logged me out... nice.

10) I pressed an action... logged me out... so nothing seems to work

Username: demo123

Password: 123456

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I too don't like this game. The menu bars down both sides of the page are an eyesore, theres too many links in the menus too. Colour scheme seems a bit off, and I also don't have any idea what the game is about or what my objective is. I'd take the game down and get some issues resolved before releasing.

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