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Ok.. So i think I may have thought of a good name for my game.. And surprise surprise .com is taken lol

What is the next best alternative.. would it be .net??

Should I firstly try and think of alternative .com.. Or maybe try and contact the current owner of domain (there is no site hosted with the domain, so it is possible he might sell it.) Or .net domain is good enough?

Its crazy with domains lol I have even written a little script which generates random strings from given letters, and after generating 1000s of results, I found a few that sounded like word but were not an actual word.. And they WERE TAKEN lol I am getting really frustrated here..

Have you ever bought domain from someone else than actual registrar? How does it work??

Do you just wire the guy money and hope that he will transfer the domain instead of scamming you? Or is there any safeguards?

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Lots of things are taken that aren't words, I mean Google wasn't a word to begin with (it is in the dictionary now I believe).

I was lucky enough to grab the names I wanted for the .com wish I could say the same for Twitter usernames -_-.

Anyway, just keep trying different names if nothing springs up then the .net is always a possibility.

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@Peter.. Well I am not sure if that guy is a domain nazi.. :) Usually if they hold domain for sale, they have some page hosted in it that states it?? And that is just blank.. So maybe he have paid for it, and got no more use.. So maybe will sell me for reasonable price.. never know :) Just now sure what to rite to him.. To make it look like I kind of need it.. but not really desperate lol

So in scale 1 to 10 .com is lets say 10.. How much would you give to .net?

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I mean Google wasn't a word to begin with (it is in the dictionary now I believe)..

Google is a often mis-spelled version of the word 'googol' which is 1x10^100 or the number 1 with 100 zeros after.

I wouldnt say .nets are that bad, on the scale, I'd say about a 7...

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.net can make sense if you plan to have multiple sites under a given name. Anyhow domain names are not the most important things out there (even if a lot of SEO companies will tell you something else). What counts is that people can reach you and I doubt many will type the URL at least at first.

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Regarding the SEO i do not think that domain extension has any effect what so ever. As well as reaching me for the first time will have little impact.

Reaching me the SECOND time is what worries me. Because when accesing my domain for first time I imagine the user will firstly click a link somewhere. But second time he will probably be typing the url in manually. That is where he can make a mistake of typing in .com instead of net :) I am not sure if this worry have any real justification but it worries me a bit :)

Am I right in assuming that most of traffic to your game isn't coming through search engines???

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