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Paid Mod Requests

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I am doing paid modification requests. I can make any modification within reason that you may require for any version of MCCodes.

Prices will be as low as possible and will vary depending on the following:

  • Unique, or Resellable (If you will be the only person to receive the modification)
  • Size of modification


Modifications will be installed completely free, and you will not pay until you are satisfied with the end product (You have seen the demo).

My code is easily readable, and is very easy to understand (You will be able to edit it with ease). Variables will be used at the beginning of the file if needed (to easily change specifications such as 'vitrual cost' ect...). All codes created will be 99.9% secure.

I am mostly free at this time meaning the modification you require will be made in a fairly reasonable time. The bigger the modification, the longer it will take.


If you are interested in contacting me about creating a custom modification for you, then please PM me here, post in this thread, add me on MSN (PM for addy), or email me at: [email protected].

Thank You!

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Fair enough.

Give me a mod suggestion, and ill give it a go if I want to make it ;)


EDIT: Decided ill make a voting sites mod. Only a little better than you may think ;)

If you can make modifications for text based games, why limit your experience?

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If there was a bigger demand for other engines, then I would. But whats the point in making something that no-ones ever going to use?

There are engines that are actually being used that people use, like ezRPG. ZAP might be used more if more people were involved. Don't hold yourself back ;) Even though the choice is yours of course.

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