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Needed - Story writer (Not for a RPG)


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Ok, I'm looking for a story writer, as the title suggests.

Its based around the army, SAS, Air forces, navy etc..

It needs a main character, with around 2-4 characters, with at least one staying all the time.

The story can be real, or totally made up, or parts of both.

The story has to be quite long, I would say at least 2/3 sides of A4 paper on about 12pt (on MS Word)

PM me for more info, if you need too, and if you can, a rough estimate.

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mine was a large writing project like 50 missions i have had about 10-15 i think, ive got to talk to him this weekend

Yeah he informed me and said he needs to get some information from you before he can continue. Send him off an email or something.

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