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Which RIA technology you think is the best?

Which RIA technology you think is the best?  

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  1. 1. Which RIA technology you think is the best?

    • Adobe flash / flex
    • HTML5 / JS
    • Silverlight / .NET
    • Java
    • Unity (mainly for 3D)
    • I don't like RIA

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RIA (Rich Internet Application) are the solution when HTML alone doesn't do what you need. Now I must admit there is more RIA solutions that I would even like to see and some are better than others. Most RIA requires a plugin of some sort and I'm sure you know quiet a few of them already!


So let's focus on the most known:

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Well the advantage of HTML / JS is that you don't need any other plugin. However, honestly, it is one of the worse solution as a developer point of view. Browser compatibility is one thing (yes JQuery or other may help), but you have the limit of the language, dom, speed concerns and much much more. That's why myself I'm developing my new game with Silverlight and not with JS.

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If you go into it deeply enough, then yes, it is a framework as it does require a browser.

Whereas Flash, Java and Silverlight can be run without a browser.

But the whole idea of web development is to create something that will work on 99% of browsers, so creating something that will run on all platforms and at the same speed and stability on them all, and offer support for mobile devices(Apple, Android, Win7, Sambian, BlackBerry) would be the best method. That's just my opinion.

You can't just download Flash 8(9/10/ or w/e) or Silverlight to a mobile phone, it has to come per-bundled like Java SE.

Take for instance my Nokia X3-00, Sambian S40 6th 2010 production. It's bundled with Flash Lite 3.0, Java SE and the browser offers some Ajax support(not always stable though). It does support some HTML5 and CSS3. Youtube and similar flash/html5 sites works fine but has to be streamed for flawless playback of flash content, but flash files over about a megabyte doesn't load due to insufficient memory(I think it has less than 64mb). I do know BlackBerry and Android has full Flash 9 capabilities, and iPhone, even though claimed to have, does not.

This conversation can go even philosophical, but the main point of web development(putting aside independent OSs) is compatibility on large scales.

So in theory, using a "plugin-less" development platform would be the best choice when it comes to web development.

Edit: Djk, have you seen what really can be done with Javascript?

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i voted for unity and html/js

im loving unity so far and find 3d modeling quite fun

its just my preference to work with the html document and the server when it comes to websites

there are many posibilities with javascript

if it weren't easily hackable there would be many more games made with it

if your skilled and/or using a framework you could make a 2d (shooting,fighting,racing) game each in less than a day probably a few hours. You could even make it online multiplayer (sure it might be server intensive but it is possible).

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I would say although all Rich Internet application technologies are best and after that it depends on the needs and requirements of what application you want to design. But among all of them, I would say Adobe application development is the best ever RIA applications that I have found. I personally recommend this.

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I voted for HTML(5) and JS, however after seeing what you can do with Silverlight, I had to vote for that also.

i gues you didnt saw what is able to do with JS?

just an example: http://threejs.org/

or more examples: http://news.turbulenz.com/post/49430669886/turbulenz-engine-goes-open-source

also, i miss adobe Shockwave on that list;) to see what can shockwave do you can look here:


and you can do fancy 3D stuffs with CSS Transforms


ah and Unreal Engine as JavaScript btw http://www.unrealengine.com/html5/

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