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okay i was just experimenting on v2 and i found this really cool CSS some of you may already know it lol but i really like it.

add this in header.php or style.css which ever you use


td:hover{ background-color:#999999; }


it highlights the table a differnt colour AWSOM

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Re: CSS [V2] MAYBE [V1]

The css pseudo-class "hover" is only recognized on the "A" element in IE. Of course other browsers recognize it on other elements.

So, take note that that css deal does not work in IE.

For IE, you'd need to use the mouseenter and mouseleave events to do this sort of thing (javascript of course) (IE only).

You could use mouseover and mouseout which is supported by most browsers (IE, firefox, opera among others) but there are difficulties with this.


There's your DOM events browser compatibility list and explanations of the four mouse events I listed as well.

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