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Whats going on?


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When u user types in

Your welcome

The code

if ((eregi("www.", $_POST['message'])) || (eregi("http://", $_POST['message']))  || (eregi(".com", $_POST['message'])) || (eregi(".co.uk", $_POST['message'])) || (eregi("www.", $_POST['subject'])) || (eregi("http://", $_POST['subject'])))

Seems to be set of? Which then executes the code below. Why is this happening? i cannot see anything which could be doing it?

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Re: Whats going on?

I'll preface this by saying that I suck with regex...

My guess would be the "com" in welcome is getting caught up by:

(eregi(".com", $_POST['message']))


perhaps the "dot" is some sort of control that needs to be escaped? I'm sure Nyna will know for sure what the deal is. I stay away from ereg as much as is humanly possible.

However, I wrote a fully comprehensive mail filter that works 100% and in that I did use some ereg, if I recall correctly. But I did it in a far different way.

I think I used arrays for matching parameters and whatnot. Perhaps I'll post it somewhere for ya'll ;)

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Re: Whats going on?

Yeah, the dot is a wildcard for any character, so it'd match "sahfoashdcom" as well. Try changing it to:


if (preg_match('~(www\.|http\://|\.com|\.co\.uk)~', $_POST['message']) || preg_match('~(www\.|http\://)~', $_POST['subject']))


But honestly, there's no point trying to stop links in mails, it's pretty futile and people will get around it

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