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Stalemate bans members


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Im hoping someone can help me with this when my members stale mate they get a message saying that they shuld have trained harder then for some reason they are unable to attack again unless i goto my PhpMyAdmin under Users/Attacking/Attcking and remove the number thats there usually the number is 252.and replacing with zero

This is the only way ive found that will unban them if unban is the wrong word,,,

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Re: Stalemate bans members


mqsql_query(UPDATE 'users' SET 'atacking' = '0' WHERE 'userid' = ".mysql_real_escape_string($userrid));

try that in the stalemate page

There's no reason to escape the $userid. Number one, $userid is derived from the $_SESSION['userid']; variable, which itself was orginally pulled from the database upon confirming the password and the login name. Therefore, $userid is not user INPUT.

However, I think it is good practice to type cast the userid anyways. Number two, you have quotes around your database tables when it should be back ticks. And the back ticks are really not required here.

Number three: you're missing a " at the beginning of the query.

Number four: You misspelled attacking, and number fiver: you misspelled userrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrid.

$q_update = sprintf('update users set attacking = 0 where userid = %d' $userid);

mqsql_query($q_update, $c);


if it's version 2 of mccodes

$q_update = sprintf('update users set attacking = 0 where userid = %d' $userid);


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