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HELP!! lol

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Warning: Division by zero in /home/drakside/public_html/attack.php on line 179

Warning: Division by zero in /home/drakside/public_html/attack.php on line 180

1. You tried to hit Agent Kevin Phillps but missed (70050)

2. Agent Kevin Phillps tried to hit you but missed (46350)

I am new to the game world and understand very little, this makes no sense to me at all. Can anyone help?

My npc bots were giving my players negative exp, i was told to lower stats and money to 0 and post the outcome here for advise.


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Guest Anonymous

Re: HELP!! lol


Lol PHP will not allow you to divide 0.

Trying changing it from 0 to maybe 1? :wink:

Any language will allow you divide zero (0):

0/1 = 0, 0/2 = 0, 0/3 = 0 etc...

Dividing by zero, however is a different matter... some people suggest the value is infinite, however mathematically it is undefined, hence the Division by zero warning message.

Try posting the code (a few lines either side of the offending line should suffice).

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Re: HELP!! lol


0 is an infinite :D

It's infinitely undefined. How more undefined from 1 is 0? Is it more undefined from 1 than from 2?

Such unanswerable questions are the result of an "in--finite" property.

Here's a couple more. What's infinity divided by two? Infinity.

What's undefined divided by two? undefined :)

Infinity + infinitiy = infinity

undefined + undefined = undefined

Okay, I'm done bustin your balls Nyna :D

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Guest Anonymous

Re: HELP!! lol

Hehe nice try Floydian - I'll refrain from as you eloquently put it "bustin' your balls" however...

Countably, Uncountably, and Indeterminate forms all apply to infinity (of which there are of course an infinite number of variations)

BTW, for those of you with any degree of mathematic knowledge, you will of course (using L'hopital's rule IIRC) be able to use calculus to determine that 0/0 = 4.

/hijack ;)

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